IELTS Fee in Nepal

Are you planning to take the IELTS exam in Nepal? Wondering about the costs involved? You're in the right place! The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a globally recognized test that assesses your English proficiency. Whether you're aiming to study abroad, migrate, or work in an English-speaking country, IELTS is often a crucial step in the process. Understanding the fees and costs associated with the test can help you plan better. Let's dive into the details of IELTS fees in Nepal.

  1. Overview of IELTS in Nepal

  2. Understanding IELTS Fee Structure

  3. Breakdown of IELTS Fees in Nepal

  4. Factors Influencing IELTS Fees

  5. Comparison with other countries

  6. Why IELTS fee vary?

  7. Discount and Offers

  8. How to Pay IELTS Fees in Nepal

  9. Financial Aid and Scholarships

  10.  Preparing for IELTS without breaking the bank

  11.  Impact of IELTS Fees on Test takers

  12.  Tips for managing IELTS Expenses

  13.  Testimonial and Experiences

  14.  Conclusion

  15.  FAQs

Overview of IELTS in Nepal

IELTS has gained immense popularity in Nepal over the years. With a growing number of students aspiring to study overseas and professionals looking to work abroad, the demand for IELTS has surged. Several authorized testing centers across Nepal conduct the IELTS exam, making it accessible to many.

Understanding IELTS Fee Structure

The fee structure for IELTS can seem a bit complicated at first glance. There are standard fees for the test itself, but additional costs can come into play depending on various factors. It's essential to know what these are so you can budget accordingly.

Breakdown of IELTS Fees in Nepal

Registration Fees

The primary cost you'll encounter is the registration fee for the test. As of 2024, the registration fee for the IELTS on Paper exam in Nepal is NPR 31,500 and IELTS on Computer exam is NPR 25,000. This fee can vary slightly depending on the test center and the type of test you choose (Academic or General Training).

Rescheduling Fees

Life happens, and sometimes you might need to reschedule your test. In such cases, there is usually a rescheduling fee. This fee can vary but is generally around NPR 3,000 to NPR 5,000. It's important to reschedule well in advance to avoid higher costs.

Cancellation Fees

If you need to cancel your test, be aware that there may be a cancellation fee. The amount refunded (if any) depends on how far in advance you cancel. Typically, you might receive a partial refund if you cancel more than five weeks before the test date.

Factors Influencing IELTS Fees

Several factors can influence the IELTS fees in Nepal. Economic conditions and administrative costs are significant contributors. For instance, currency exchange rates can affect the fee since the IELTS is an international test.

Comparison with Other Countries

IELTS Fees in Neighboring Countries

Comparing IELTS fees with neighboring countries like India or Bangladesh can give you a better perspective. In India, the IELTS registration fee is approximately INR 17,000, which is roughly NPR 27,500, making it quite comparable to Nepal.

Global Fee Comparison

Globally, IELTS fees can vary widely. In countries like the USA or the UK, fees can be higher due to the stronger currency and higher administrative costs. Understanding these differences can help you appreciate the fee structure in Nepal.

Why IELTS Fees Vary

IELTS fees can vary based on several factors:

Test Types (Academic vs. General Training)

While both the Academic and General Training tests cost the same in most cases, there can be slight variations based on the test center.

Mode of Test (Paper-Based vs. Computer-Based)

The mode of test can also affect the fee. Computer-based tests might be priced slightly differently due to the technology and infrastructure required.

Discounts and Offers

Student Discounts

Occasionally, there might be student discounts available. These are usually offered by educational institutions in collaboration with IELTS centers.

Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for special promotions or offers. Sometimes, test centers run promotional campaigns that can help reduce the cost.

How to Pay IELTS Fees in Nepal

Payment Methods

Paying your IELTS fees in Nepal is quite straightforward. You can pay through various methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and even cash deposits at designated banks.

Online Payment Options

Many test centers offer online payment options, making it convenient to register and pay from the comfort of your home.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Available Scholarships

Some organizations offer scholarships that cover the cost of the IELTS test. These are often aimed at students with exceptional academic records or those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Financial Aid Options

Apart from scholarships, there are financial aid options available through various institutions and educational consultancies.

Preparing for IELTS Without Breaking the Bank

Affordable Preparation Resources

Preparing for IELTS doesn't have to be expensive. There are numerous affordable resources available, including books, online courses, and practice tests.

Free Online Resources

Websites like the British Council and offer free preparation materials, including practice tests and study guides.

Impact of IELTS Fees on Test Takers

The cost of IELTS can be a significant financial burden for many test takers in Nepal. This can affect accessibility, making it harder for some individuals to take the test.

Tips for Managing IELTS Expenses

Budgeting Tips

Planning and budgeting are crucial. Start saving early and set aside a specific amount each month to cover the test fees and preparation costs.

Money-Saving Tips

Look for discounts, use free resources, and consider joining study groups to share preparation materials and reduce costs.

Testimonials and Experiences

Stories from Nepalese Test Takers

Many test takers in Nepal have shared their experiences, highlighting both the challenges and the strategies they used to manage the costs effectively.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Common challenges include finding affordable preparation resources and managing the registration fees. Solutions often involve early planning, utilizing free resources, and seeking financial aid.


In conclusion, the IELTS fee in Nepal is an important consideration for anyone planning to take the test. Understanding the fee structure, knowing how to manage costs, and being aware of available resources can make the process smoother. Remember, investing in the IELTS is a step towards achieving your dreams of studying, working, or living abroad.


  1. What is the current IELTS registration fee in Nepal?

  • The registration fee for the IELTS exam in Nepal is typically around NPR 31,500.

  1. Are there any discounts available for IELTS fees in Nepal?

  • Occasionally, there might be student discounts or special promotions available.

  1. Can I reschedule my IELTS test in Nepal?

  • Yes, you can reschedule your test, but there is usually a rescheduling fee of NPR 3,000 to NPR 5,000.

  1. Are there any free resources available for IELTS preparation?

  • Yes, websites like the British Council and offer free preparation materials.

  1. How can I pay my IELTS fees in Nepal?

  • You can pay through bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and online payment options.