University: KPU (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
City : British Columbia, Canada
Country : canada
Duration : 2 Years

Marketing emphasizes competitive advantages of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and examines the inter-relationships that exist among their customers or members, the competition, and internal resources. A key part of marketing consists of gaining insights into customer needs and then developing effective marketing strategies to serve those needs.

The Marketing Management Diploma is a comprehensive program designed to provide a solid, general foundation in this exciting field. Study begins with emphasis on basic business knowledge and skills, and then intensively explores the discipline of Marketing, with emphasis on the job skills and experience that business demands. Projects with local businesses and organizations are also included in order to provide real world experience.

Graduates of this program may also be eligible to continue their business study by pursuing one of KPU's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Human Resources Management, and Marketing Managements many of the courses required for the Marketing Management Diploma are also requirements for these BBA programs, it is important that students wishing to progress to one of the Melville School of Business BBA degrees  see a Melville School of Business advisor once they have completed between 36-45 credits of their diploma study.

Many of the courses included in this program are articulated with other universities and colleges for ease of course transferability to and from KPU.  Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide at regarding the transferability of courses to and from specific institutions in British Columbia.


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