Industrial Network Cybersecurity


Degree:Post Graduate

University: British Columbia Institute of Technology, BCIT
City : British Columbia, Canada
Country : canada
Duration : 2 Years


This diploma in Industrial Network Cybersecurity will prepare graduates for entry-level positions in this emerging occupation. This program focuses on preparing graduates to provide industrial networking and industrial network security for the operational technology on the plant side of an organization.

About The Course:

Students undertake a comprehensive study of industrial measurement and control technologies; computer information technologies; and networking, industrial networking and industrial network cybersecurity. A vital program component involves the development of relevant, practical skills by working with modern industrial equipment in well-equipped labs.

Many industrial organizations can be divided into two distinct entities – plant and business operations. Plant operations produce goods for consumption, whereas business operations manage the organisation's financial well-being. Business operations employ traditional information and networking technology to manage daily operations. Plant operations employ operational technology such as sensors, controllers, and final control elements to automate the production of consumables. A cyberattack on plant operations can be much more costly, irreversible, and detrimental to business continuity than a cyberattack on business operations. Hence the need for Industrial Network Cybersecurity.

The food and water we drink, the petroleum products that fuel our cars and heat our homes, and the electricity that powers our modern society all rely on industrial control systems. The measurement and control devices that comprise an industrial control system are collectively known as operational technology. Today’s operational technology often employs embedded hardware and operating systems and Ethernet-based networking interfaces, making them susceptible to the same electronic attacks that plague traditional information technology. This has created a significant need for and shortage of network security professionals understand industrial control systems' unique computing and networking requirements. Students will graduate with a solid foundation in industrial networking and cybersecurity.


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