Business Operations Management



University: British Columbia Institute of Technology, BCIT
City : British Columbia, Canada
Country : canada
Duration : 2 Years


Modern Business Operations Management encompasses a number of knowledge areas. The base of the operations function is supply chain management, specifically purchasing, process management, and quality management to maximize productivity. This is supported by digital business strategies such as ERP, business analytics, and various emerging technologies; as well as continuous improvement skills such as project management, process design and improvement, and change management to ensure the business can respond to evolving customer demands. These business management and transformation activities form a body of knowledge that is integral to business success.

The BCIT Business Operations Management diploma program teaches you how to manage, evaluate, and improve these critical functions. You will acquire a highly transportable set of skills applicable to various organizations. A solid connection to the industry allows you to apply those skills to real-world situations, preparing you for success.

About the program

  • Two-year diploma
  • Opportunities for industry-recognized certifications from several professional associations
  • Two Business Consulting Projects provide practical opportunities to apply skills
  • Mentorship opportunities with experienced industry partners
  • Students qualify to study abroad for a term
  • Credits can be transferred to complete your BBA

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Who should apply for the Business Operations Management Diploma?

The Business Operations Management diploma program is right for you if:

  • You’re interested in problem-solving and leading projects
  • You’re interested in transforming ideas into reality
  • You’re interested in managing teams that deliver value to the customer
  • You want an education that is transferable to a number of industries and organizations

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