Business Information Technology Management ( Enterprise Systems Management )

Degree: Diploma

University: British Columbia Institute of Technology, BCIT
City : British Columbia, Canada
Country : canada
Duration : 2 year


Data is the essence of an enterprise. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and customer resource management (CRM) systems create a network of data for your customers, your suppliers, and your organization. Given the changes in the industry due to technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, there is an increasing market demand for specialists with both business and IT skills, which is why the Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN) – Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) program will help you launch an in-demand career.

Suppose you want to gain the training necessary to start or grow your career. In that case, the BCIT Business Information Technology Management – Enterprise Systems Management diploma program gives you a broad range of skills that make you stand out in almost any industry. With cutting-edge courses relevant to today’s IT and business demands, BCIT gives you the leadership skills, the know-how, and the confidence for a successful career in business IT analysis and management. The BITMAN program will prepare you for success in a rapidly changing world.

About the program

  • Two-year, full-time diploma program
  • Extensive exposure to the industry offers exceptional networking opportunities
  • Business consulting projects provide hands-on experiences looking at real-life industry problems in all fields of business including finance, operations, and customer development
  • Work experience is not required, but highly recommended

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Who should apply for the Business IT Management Diploma?

You might find the most benefit in this program if you:

  • Are interested in combining technology and business
  • Have a combination of academics, business, or volunteer experience
  • Have a unique idea you want to develop within your company or as an entrepreneurial venture
  • Are a team-player interested in big-picture thinking and strategy

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